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Qualitative Data Analysis in Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

The difference in research methods call for different criteria in analysis while writing a research paper. While quantitative research focuses on numbers the qualitative focuses on values among others. This article focuses on qualitative criteria. Note, qualitative research and qualitative analysis are closely intertwined and hence the criteria given here will be relevant to both research and analysis.
• Significance of data and its setting- social or cultural
If you want to add credibility to your assignment when writing a research paper, you must define the social or cultural place clearly and how you obtained the research material.
This means that if there is a specific aspect you want to investigate in different groups, make sure the groups have a common denominator, for instance, it would be out of order to research on effects of globalization between Nigerian farmers and American doctors.
• Coverage of analysis and sufficiency of data collected
Qualitative researches pose a challenge as there are no methods or procedures for estimating the amount of Image 2qualitative data required; researches work with data saturation. Data saturation is arrived at when new researches do not disclose any new information.
You can never know data saturation prior to your research. As such, collection of data when writing a research paper is not a continuing process and can be terminated or extended based on the integrity of the research.
• Transparency and repeatability
Repeatability of a research or analysis implies that in the event a different researcher follows the same procedure as stipulated, he/she will get the same answers. On the other hand, transparency implies that the reasoning of the researcher is so clear and easy to follow, giving relevant information required for interpreting and accepting the analysis.
Following the set criteria when writing a research paper is paramount as it validates and gives significance to your assignment.

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