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Purpose of writing a grant proposal

Grant Proposal

The main reason for writing a proposal whether grant proposal or academic proposal is to highlight prevailing issues in the society, and giving an outline of how this issues can be addressed. The proposal should therefore have the objectives of the intended project, how these objectives will be actualized, and how the progress of the project will be evaluated.  When writing a grant proposal, pay attention to the following:

1)     Scope of the project

State clearly the scope that your project will cover, the expected outcome of the project, the processes of how the proposed activities will be implemented, the timeline, the resources required for a successful completion of the project, and monitoring and evaluation tools.

2)     The concept of the project

One of the major factors that you should consider when writing a grant proposal is that it must address prevailing issues. A funding organization will not release funds until they are sure that the project will directly benefit the society. It is also important to find out whether the approach you intend to use has been used before, or you need to make a few modifications.

3)     The capacity of the applicant

You could have brilliant ideas in the grant proposal but if you lack the capacity to implement the project, chances are that you might not be funded. Demonstrate to the funders of your ability or the ability of your organization to accomplish every objective stated in the grant proposal.

4)     The budget of the project

Do not write an inflated budget. The budget should be reasonable enough and should correspond to the objectives or the expected outcome of the project. An inflated budget presents you an opportunity to be disqualified.

Writing a grant proposal require extensive consultations with different stakeholders so that you can present an outstanding piece.



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