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Outline For a Research Paper Proposal

Research Paper Proposal

A research paper proposal is formulated at the conception stage of a research paper. one of the reasons for writing a proposal is to convince the research committee of the viability of your research and you have the capacity required to deliver. The research paper proposal helps the research committee or your supervisor to understand the finer details of your research in terms of aims and objectives, you research design, a literature review etc.

Like other assignments, the research proposal has an outline that helps in organizing the work. The research proposal should have the following:

a)     Introduction

It should state the topic of study and the significance of the intended research. It is in this section that you also state your thesis or hypothesis.

b)     Literature survey/review

It gives a background of what is already known in the said topic, and helps to create a link between the past studies and the intended research.

c)      The rationale/logical reasoning

State the research question and the relationship and relevance of this research questions to the wider context.

d)     Method and design

The researcher should state the method to be used for data collection and data analysis, the suitability of the Image 2methods and how the validity of these methods will be tested.

The design looks at how data will be collected, the challenges, controls and variations the researcher is likely to make in the research paper.

In this section of the research paper proposal, you are also required to show how you will do your analysis, the results that will confirm or dispute your analysis.

e)     Significance and conclusion

The researcher needs to explain why the research is significant, and the conclusions that he/she expects to make from the research.

f)       References

This is the final section of the research paper proposal. it requires the researcher to state sources used for the research.

N.B- the proposal must be written following the recommended writing formats.



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