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Misconceptions About Literature Review

Literature Review

If you asked, what is a literature review, chances that you will get the correct answer to the question are very high. One of the answers that you are likely to get in response to the question what is a literature review is:

Collecting or gathering relevant information on a certain topic or subject from different sources. While this true,  some do not know how to conduct an effective literature review, how to analyze information collected and how to present it. This article focuses on demystifying some misconceptions of literature review.

It is not a collection of sources with information on a particular topic. If you are to answer the question what is a literature review effectively, understand that it is a comprehensive evaluation of previous researches. The evaluation helps in creating a link between the past research and the intended research. For this to be achieved, you must argue from both sides of the coin, whether it favors you or otherwise.

A good literature review does not overemphasize on the importance of some researches at the expense of others. As much as you are supposed to find facts supporting your position, it is paramount that you strike a balance.

A literature review should never be characterized by quoting and paraphrasing, instead, it focuses on evaluating research findings and the quality.

When writing references, students are advised to write them chronologically. In literature review however, chronology should be avoided where possible. Organize your work based on the significance of ideas.

To write a literature review effectively, address each point in a single paragraph. The paragraph should address converging and diverging evidence from the sources used in the review.

Although literature review involves a comprehensive evaluation, it is imperative to utilize credible sources.

Different fields and levels have different specifications on literature review, as such, you can learn more on what is a literature review from your tutors or experts.


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