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Guidelines to writing essays


There  are guidelines that should be followed when writing essays, college essays or a research paper. This article will give you a few guidelines of writing essays, research essays and college essays.

The following tips on how to write essays

    • Introduction –hook the audience with a question, common quote or a joke. Introduce your topic and inform the audience of the purpose of the topic.
    • The body – write your body based on facts. Avoid grammatical errors. Support your ideas with evidence.
    • Conclude your essay by restating your thesis statement. It is a wrap up of your essay. Conclude your essay strongly by leaving the reader with something to think about.
    • Revise your essay to eliminate errors.

Tips on how to write a college paper within the stipulated time

The following are tips on how to write a college paper within the given deadline

  • Research – Prior to writing the essay research comprehensively tips on how to write a college paper essay. This will give you the facts that you need in your essay writing as well as give you the needed confidence
  • Procrastination –avoid procrastination; procrastination is a time waster
  • Work plan – plan your essay writing prior to writing the essay

How to write an essay paper that is non- plagiarized

  • Research tips on how to write an essay paper to get creative ideas. You can get tips on how to write a research paper from the following sources: books, journals, magazines, the internet, and custom writing services among others
  • Write your research paper from scratch and be original
  • Evaluate the level of plagiarism in your essay using a software plagiarism detector

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