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Guidelines to write a grant proposal

Write a Grant Proposal

To write a grant proposal that gives the desired results, you must prepare adequately, both to write the proposal and to do the presentation. You need to define clearly the objectives of the project, the resources required to complete the project, guidelines given by the funding institution etc. Preparing to write a grant proposal requires both time and monetary input. Below are helpful guidelines in writing a grant proposal.

1)     State your objectives clearly

Define a mission and vision statement for your assignment stating clearly the beneficiary of your project. The objectives of the project must be in line with the vision and mission of the funding authority. At this point, it is also important that you present the evaluation design as you write a grant proposal.

2)     Know the funding organization

It is possible to fail to secure a grant simply because you do not understand the category of grants being offered by a particular funding organization, or your objectives and the objectives of the organization are divergent. To overcome this, familiarize yourself with the funding organization before you write a grant proposal.

3)     Understand the guidelines

Different organizations have different requirements in relation to formatting and organizing the proposal. Know the requirements of the funding organizing you are applying to and follow them to the letter: failure will result to an automatic disqualification.

4)     The budget

The temptation to inflate a budget when writing a budget for a grant cannot be assumed. When you write a grant proposal, come up with a realistic budget that is not inflated.

5)     Attach supporting materials

You could say that writing a grant proposal focuses on logical deductions. Therefore, attaching materials that supports your ‘claim’ gives credibility to your proposal. The proposal needs also to be signed by an authority.

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